Guêpière: how to put it on and how to wear it?

A sexy basque, corset or bustier, when worn correctly, is an elegant and beautiful addition to many outfits. Curves and feminine charms accentuated, they seem like a daunting prospect, but can actually be quite comfortable when you master the basics. Versatile enough to be worn under t-shirts and glamorous enough for a wedding day, the secret lies in being able to choose the right one for you and wear it well. Here we explain how to choose and wear your corset well.

Finding the right one

First of all, you need to find the right corset for you. If you like to wear bright colours, but end up with a black corset, there is something wrong. So the first consideration in the search is to determine which style of corset would suit you best. There are two main styles, overbust and underbust. An overbust corset covers the bust, and is best for those with a small to medium bust. Well-endowed women tend to have difficulty finding overbust corsets, and the lift provided creates a very good neckline for those with a smaller cup. If you are looking for an extremely accentuated waist or are more curvy, an underbust corset is ideal. They fall just below the bust line and enclose all the soft areas below the rib cage. Consider what you may want to pair with the corset and plan accordingly.

Get the right fit

Corsets, at least the good steel-framed kind, don't usually come in standard sizes of small, medium and large. They work by waist measurement. So you'll need to take your natural waist measurement and subtract 4-8cm. Corsets are meant to stay open a bit in the back, so if you can easily close yours completely, you will need to go down a size. Remember that it should be tight but still allow you to breathe.

Straight lacing

Lacing is an important step to wearing a sexy garter properly. It is not like lacing a tennis shoe, so you need to check that the lacing is done correctly. The most common method of lacing is from the bottom up, with the tie of the laces at the smallest point of the waist. To tighten you up properly, the top loop of the bow should tighten the bottom of the corset and the bottom loops should tighten the top. There are other ways to tie, too, and you may need to change the configuration if, for example, you are wearing the clamp under a dress so that the bow is not visible. However you tighten, proper lacing will ensure your corset stays snug and looks great.
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