Shibari: how to learn about its pleasures?

Today, people are no longer satisfied with the classic positions during sex. They want to increase their pleasure even more by indulging in erotic games or more spicy practices. One of the most popular is shibari, which was popularised by…

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Which sextoy is right for you?

Erotic life can turn red if you open yourself up to new ways of giving yourself sexual pleasure. Sex toys contribute to this. They are no longer the familiar gadgets of adult films as they are beginning to be seen…

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Online sale of BDSM and Bondage accessories

For a long time badly perceived by society, the BDSM world is beginning to take over little by little in everyone’s daily life. It has the gift of intriguing you, of surprising you and moreover, it feeds fantasies. However, in…

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Sex doll : Where to find it ?

The evolution of technology is not only about household appliances or computer devices that are used in everyday life. It affects wider areas such as sex. In recent years, many people, both men and women, have already resorted to the…

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Online sales of sex toys for unforgettable sensations

When women wear thin and sexy lingerie. This provokes a sensual desire for her partner. Whatever themes you choose for a couple’s evening: this small detail will provoke an invocation of the organ of sight. These small, provocative clothes can…

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