Guide and tips for practicing the Greek kiss

Every part of your body can have bacteria. So you should always treat it properly. Especially if you plan to do anal practice where viruses are most abundant. For this reason, you should clean that part so that the other person who touches it is affected. This is the principle of Greek kissing, they use the anal hole and the mouth most of the time. Same method as oral sex which uses the tongue and vagina.

Cleaning the anal area

Greek kissing can be a healthy and pleasurable adventure if you use clean materials such as the mouth and anal hole. But the most important thing is that your partner has the same desire as you. It will be unpleasant and hurt a lot if they don't feel the same way. The first step is to communicate, i.e. talk to your partner and tell her your goal. Ask him if he is willing to perform this act with you. Once he is willing to do it then you should take a lot of precautions in the area of hygiene. Sexologists urge couples that consensual sex is important in any situation. This will increase intimacy and pleasure. As it is the anal area that you will be using for kissing, the expert suggests using soap and plenty of water to clean it. The aim is to remove any remaining excrement. For the removal of hair, this will depend on the two partners. But the cleaning should be more careful if you decide to keep the hair.

Tips for the ideal Greek kiss

To have the same sensations during sex, both participants must be comfortable. Professionals can advise you on the right positions for Greek kissing. One of them is the 69 where both partners have to exchange caresses with their tongues. Four-way or upside-down are also better for this situation. But it is worth creating so that you find the best ones in both of you. Whether it's the place or the position. If you are squeamish about a first time then it will have to be done in the bathtub. There are condoms for the tongue that only prevent disease against that organ, but not for the mouth or lips. The gels are reassuring and stimulating with fruity flavours. You can choose the flavour you like, such as strawberry or banana or raspberry. In sex, it is the mutual pleasure that counts most. Discover the feelings that Greek kissing brings and you will have delicious sensations with your partner.

The reason for Greek kissing with its taboos and prejudices

The Greek kiss has its reason for appearing. They think that it will avoid repeating habits all the time. It will become part of the couple's sexual repertoire now. Increasing intimacy like getting to know their tastes and trying to practice new alternatives that will make the relationship better in bed and out. If you want to enrich the foreplay, it is also perfect i.e. to help on the excitement and lubricate the genitals of each that will make the sex even hotter. It can give pleasure to men who are afraid of the prostate. The anus is one of the parts of the body that contains many nerve endings. Sex is good for the health of the person who has it. It is very beneficial. Greek kissing is mostly used by homosexuals, but heterosexuals, especially men in this camp, are disgusted by it and even say it is a taboo. However, it is welcome for those who want to try it freely. Be clean only in this anal area. There are no prejudices if you talk freely with your partner. Doubts will be clarified and all things will be easy and unattached.

Cleanliness in the anal area

All sexual acts require a lot of care and prevention. Greek kissing is one of them and you should take advantage of it to avoid risks. During this session, you should do it in a clean and bacteria-free environment. If either of you have haemorrhoids then the cleaning should be doubled. To prevent illness, especially if you have a sore mouth, never practice it. Every part of the body is infested with bacteria, so don't mix them up, as all infections can be passed on. Like Greek kissing and oral sex. For this reason, if you have just had oral sex and are considering Greek kissing: wash yourself clean so that you don't pass on the other bacteria in the other places. Call your partner to try this delicious new thing.
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