How to choose sexy lingerie without being vulgar?

Every couple looks for ways to spice up their intimate life. To do this, a woman tries to wear sexy lingerie in order to attract her partner's attention and seduce him at all times. Of course, sexy lingerie is designed to make you a little naughty, but it is mainly designed to make your man fall in love with you. However, you should not go too far to avoid being vulgar. Besides, with the multitude of lingerie models available on the market, it is not at all easy to find one that perfectly matches your personal expectations. So to help you in this task, here are some practical tips.

Choosing the right colour and material for your sexy lingerie

Colour and material play an important role in the choice of sexy lingerie. Indeed, we tend to believe that black and red colours are the most attractive. Although these colours are very chic and give you more class and glamour, other colours can make you look good. The material of the lingerie is not to be neglected, because not only do you need to feel comfortable wearing it, but you also want to please your partner. So to be sexy and sensual, opt for lace, embroidery, satin or organza. If you want to be more comfortable, cotton remains the most popular because of its softness, lightness and hygienic character.

Choose lingerie that suits your body type

When choosing your sexy lingerie, your body type is very important. If you are a curvy woman with large breasts, you should choose a bra that offers more support, such as bullet bras without underwire and cups. For smaller breasts, a classic push-up bra is ideal. As for panties, they come in different forms, open, transparent, thong or tanga. It's up to you to choose the one you like.

Choose your lingerie style carefully

In order not to be vulgar, it is essential to choose your style carefully. Indeed, the choice of your sexy lingerie also depends on your outfit. The general rule is very simple, just contrast your top and bottom. If you want to show off your top, your bottom should be classic. With a mini skirt and a round or closed neckline at the top, avoid wearing a bra without underwiring, as this does not enhance your bust. On the other hand, with jeans, enhance your shape by wearing a push-up bra and sexy underwear. So don't wait any longer, dare to wear sexy lingerie without being vulgar!
The essential of sexy lingerie: the tanga
Sexy: the push-up bra, the ideal model for the femme fatale

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