Strip poker online: how to play for free?

Historically, strip poker appeared in New Orleans around 1916. The games, unlike classic poker, were not played for money, but had for stake to undress one or several players until total nudity, thus, a free strip poker. The conditions and rules are fixed in advance. Participants start with the same number of chips and clothes. Variations have appeared and the game has become more complex over the years. The first important condition is that only people of legal age can participate. Although there is no financial interest, and since it is a game, the rules must be clear and precise.

Rules and variants

The rules are simple to play free strip poker: the same cellar (number of chips at the start), the same number of clothes, for the participants to start the game. Beware of cheaters who try to increase their chips by cheating or taking advantage of women's gullibility. According to the strip poker rule, a player who has lost all his or her chips must remove an item of clothing in the pre-determined order. The bet can be required for each hand or whenever a player runs out of money. There are 4 variations. Early birds in control: you part with a garment each time a hand is lost, limiting it to the weakest hand; Prince's Fact: you offer the winner of a move the choice of the person to be undressed; To hell with the rules and the chips: without chips, you still have the possibility to bet your remaining clothes; Then it's time for dessert: this is the part where you get ready for the rest of the evening with a stripping session. Playing for free is nice, but having an enjoyable evening is the goal.

Making a success of a strip poker game

When organising such parties, avoid inviting your relatives and friends who are too close. The atmosphere of your home should be appropriate, with subdued lighting, soft cushions and sofas, and relaxing background music. Remember to keep the room at an optimal temperature. The sexual connotations of the meeting remain underlying. So consider wearing nice underwear such as garter belts or lace bodysuits and, for the men, sexy thongs. In conversations, a little bit of dirty talk is allowed, but it should be courteous. Avoid swearing and offensive remarks to those with an unattractive physique are to be avoided. Of course, the game is entirely designed to relax the players and create a certain bond between them. However, it is wise to maintain respect and a downward conversation throughout the game. This is to avoid any arguments or discord. Of course, some players may be hurt by inappropriate words or gestures, as the game itself can push tempers to the limit. Caution is therefore required to ensure a good atmosphere, especially for those who play with close friends. For others, the game of strip poker is a great icebreaker and a great way to bond with the people they are in love with.

Play strip poker online for free

Thanks to technology and a webcam, you can play for free. No money for the bet and no participation fee. The rules of strip poker are the same as those of classic poker and its variants. You can play with two or more players. The atmosphere is the same as in a live game. Note that the distance between the participants is conducive to more sultry games. Success depends on the mood and disposition of the players.
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